Light Duty Pallet Forks

Light Duty Pallet Forks

- Lifts up to 1,200 lbs!
- Working Length- 39"
- 35 H.P. and below

CDN$ 499.00

Medium Duty Pallet Forks

Light Duty Pallet Forks

- Lifts up to 2,400 lbs!
- Working Length- 43"
- 55 H.P. and below

CDN$ 699.00

Heavy Duty Pallet Forks

Light Duty Pallet Forks

- Lifts up to 5,000 lbs!
- Working Length- 53"
- 55 H.P. and above

CDN$ 949.00

Multi-Spear Ultra Forks

Light Duty Pallet Forks

- Lifts up to 1,500 lbs!
- Patent Pending
- Multiple Forged Spears

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2" Quick Attach Reciever

Light Duty Pallet Forks

- Lifts up to 2,000 lbs!
- 20" Length
- Chain Hook

CDN$ 229.00

NEW! Quick Attach Spade

Loader Forks

- Digs Holes + Trenches
- Removes Yucca
- Moves large Rocks

CDN$ 699.00!

Clamp on Bucket Tooth Bar

Bucket toothbar

- 3 Different Sizes
- Fits 4,5,6, Buckets
- Quick Attach

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Quick Attach Spade Combo

tractor spade

Quick Attach Spade Combo

Prod. Code: 0060-31 Patent Pending

NOW ONLY $699.00
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Specifications and Features

  • Click here for Product Dimension Picture.
  • 2,000 lbs Lifting Capacity
  • Total Weight: 100 Lbs
  • Overall Length: 36"
  • Width: 18"
  • Height: 10"
  • Easily and Quickly Clamps On to your Tractor or Skid Steer Loader Bucket
  • And it also Bolts On to your existing Pallet Forks
  • Great for Digging Trenches
  • Rooting Out Tree Stumps
  • Moving Trees or Bolders
  • Also Perfect for Remove Stubborn Cactus
  • Digs 18" X 22" X 22" Hole in Seconds
  • Great for removing Yucca

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Quick Attach Spade Combo Lift Capacity
New Patent Pending Design
Fast Shipping
Customer Satisfaction 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Exclusive C-Clamp Pad™ design for a secure fit, that WON'T harm your bucket.
Member of U.S. Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA)
Member of the Better Business Bureau
Our New Patent Pending Universal Quick Attach Clamp On Spade clamps directly on to your tractor bucket and/or skid steer loader bucket. Great to use with compact tractors and skid steer loader buckets up to 65 HP.